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Bitcoin: A Confusing Currency with the Potential of Amazon

Bitcoin, a digital currency, may be new to the financial game, but it's gaining traction and value. Possibly another Amazon or Microsoft? Maybe. As an investor or consumer, you might want to listen to and learn the language.


How to Make Current Employees Brand Advocates

Did you know that there are ways you can have your own employees become your best HR recruiters? Here are three (3) powerful and effective strategies to turn employees into promotion champions.


Small yet Responsible – Corporate Social Responsibility in Small Business

Small, yet responsible—you hear this in reference to children who show maturity beyond their age. This phrase can be applicable to small businesses too! Social responsibility, which is left if the ‘C’ is taken out of CSR, is relevant to one and all, be it a corporate or a citizen. This article explores what CSR means to small businesses and how to implement it.


6 Amazing Restaurant Trends to Look for in the Future

Restaurants come and go, but some restaurants set trends that provide a roadmap for success. Here are five cutting-edge restaurant trends that are emerging in the industry--and that may or may not be successful.


Getting the Balance Right Between Business Credit and Personal Credit

The following suggestions will protect you from unnecessary personal debt and help you maintain a distinct separation between business and personal finances.


Restaurant traffic remains stagnant. What can you do?

Strong consumer confidence isn’t trickling into the restaurant industry yet. What’s working? And how can you take advantage?


Closing the books on 2016

Many trends are poised to affect small businesses in 2017. We highlight a few in our year-end message.


Employee training enables growth, but is it a good investment for your capital advance?

Growing your small business is essential to the long-term health of your business, and many small business owners turn to capital advance as a way to unlock cash to fund that growth. In this post we ask, is employee training and development a good investment for your advance?


New overtime rules take effect December 1. What do you need to know?

New Department of Labor overtime rules take effect on December 1. Is your restaurant ready for the impact it may have?


“Restaurant Recession” or Not, It’s Never a Bad Time To Shore Up Your Financial Position

What’s causing fears over a “restaurant recession”? And what should you do to protect your restaurant?